ThanksGiving 1920 - San Antonio Texas

The following picture was taken Thanksgiving Day, 1920 in San Antonio, Texas, at the house on the NW corner of Culebra and Hamilton. The matriarch of this family was Frank Townsend Yantis, aka "Granny", Row 3-5. She lived to be 101 years old and was my (Tom Milner's) great Grandmother.

The descriptions below are generally in relation to Jesse (1-1) and Frank (Granny) Yantis (3-5).

(Numbered left to right)
ROW 1 Bottom

l. Jesse Yantis, Granny's husband
2. Flora, (daughter) holding 2a Margaret Hawley, Flora's oldest daughter
3. Lola, wife of oldest son Robert (4-9)
4. Ruth, wife of son Jim Yantis (2-10).
5. Mary Lois Yantis, daugter (aka, Lady)
6. Ollie May Yantis, daughter of Jesse's (1-1) brother Jack (3-7)
7. Roy Edith Yantis, daughter, holding her son Billy Osborn Milner, (Father of Tom Milner).
8. John Laidley, husband to Granny's sister Emma (4-5b)


l. Jesse Yantis, son
2. Bill Yantis, son
3. Spencer Yantis, son
4. Frank Yantis, 2nd son of Robert Yantis(4-9) and Lola(1-3)
5. James Milner, 1st son of Roy Edith Yantis(1-7) and Moses Milner(4-6)
6. Leonard Milner, 2nd son of Roy Edith Yantis(1-7) and Moses Milner(4-6)
7. Thomas E. Yantis, son
8. George Koyle Yantis, youngest son
9. Oakley Yantis, lst son of Robert(4-9) and Lola(1-3)
10.Jim Yantis, son, married Ruth (row 1-4)

ROW 3 from bottom

l. Milburn Yantis, son of Jim Yantis (2-10)
2. Effie, wife of May Yantis (4-2).
3. Ella Montfort, wife of (??Chas Montfort Corig?? A Townsend)
4. "Little Grannie" holding Carl, 3rd son of Robert(4-9) and Lola(1-3). She was either Granny's or Jesse's mother.
5. Frank Townsend Yantis, "Granny". And yes, her first name was Frank.
6. Harper, wife of Jack Yantis (3-6)
7. Jack Yantis, brother to Jesse (1-1)

ROW 4 top

1. William Montfort, son of Chas and Ella (3-3)
2. May Yantis, Effie's husband (3-2)
3. Eli Yantis, son
4. Sue wife of Jim Yantis (4-5)
5. Jim Yantis, son, holding 5a James Yantis (his son)
5b Emma Townsend Laidley, Granny's sister, wife of John (1-8)
6. Moses Milner, husband of Roy Edith (1-7)
7. Giles Hawley, Flora's (1-2) husband
8. Jack Laidley, son of John (1-10) and Emma (4-5b)
9. Robert Yantis, 1st son
10 Jonathon May (Buster) Yantis, son

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