Which is Worse? The Swine Flu or Covid-19?

Comparison Influenza Covid-19
Rate of Contagion
1.46 R-noughts 2.25 R-noughts
  • LiveScience.com
  • From CDC,* currently: 33,066,772 cases of Covid-19 in USA (117% of average annual Flu cases) as of May 29, 2021
Hospitalization Rate 1.52% of Flu cases are hospitalized. 12% (~8 x Flu) of covid-19 cases are hospitalized.
Mortality Rate
(#deaths / #cases)
0.13% of Flu cases die. 1.79% (~14 x Flu) of covid-19 cases die
  • From CDC,* currently: 590,959 deaths in the USA (1576% of average annual Flu deaths) as of May 29, 2021
If 10,000 people... ... get the flu, 13 will die. ... get Covid-19, 179 will die.
* CDC website is updated daily around 1:30pm EST


Covid-19 spreads faster than Swine Flu. When infected you're much more likely to require hospitalization, and 14 times more likely to die. You do the math.

For comparison, there were 38,800 driving fatalities in the USA during 2019, according to the National Safety Council.

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